Peanut Drum roaster machine

Drum roaster introduce :

Drum roaster have two types .One is opend the other is closed .

Drum roaster can be use for making peanut ,sesame ,soybean ,sunflower seed, rapeseed etc. Can be use as the pre-pressing machine in oil workshop.

Closed drum roaster can fully destroy oilseeds  cells, add water when steaming and roasting,the protein swelling,from the interior of the cell not yet completely disrupted cells “break”,so to further unite the dispersed oil droplets ,thus improve the oil out rate. It enables full coagulation protein denaturation and harden ,improve ability to withstand stress,but also beneficial fats cohesion.Practice has proved that the more complete protein denaturation,the higher oil out put rate.It is also heat effect ,so that the phospholipid swelling after protein denaturation lower solubility in oil,grease becomes cleat (heating not overflow),protection of water vapor,oil paste ,oil processing out of lighter color ,not black .

Drum roaster technical parameter :

Name Model Single feed weight (kg) Capacity (kg/h) Drum size (mm) Power (kw ) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
Drum roaster GT-50 25 50 500*500*750 0.25 1350*650*950 125
GT-70 50 100 560*560*900 0.55 1500*700*1100 140
GT-90 75 150 700*700*880 0.75 1500*850*1200 200
GT-100 100 200 700*700*880 1.1 1600*900*1250 240
GT-130 150 300-400 830*830*1300 1.5 2000*1000*1300 330
GT-150 250 500-600 950*950*1550 3 2500*1150*1400 500

Heat conduction oil roaster introduce :

The heat conduction oil roaster is through the interlining inside heat conduction oil as heat transfer medium to oil heating ,make he solid fuel oil molecules are gradually into a liquid fuel molecules.This transformation is not only beneficial to squeeze ,but also can improve the oil yield efficiency and quality.

Heat conduction oil roaster operate :

First choice the 320# oil or better than 320# as the heat conduction oil,the first 70% of the amount of heat conducting oil injection pot,warm up for half an hour ,(pay attention to use low heat to heat up,fierce fire burning ban,resulting in depress botton of the pot ). Then add the remaining 30%.  The oil from the top of the layer can not be less than 10cm. Heating is continued when oil temperature reaches 200 degrees,added to the feed start roasting.Water was added according to the degree of wet and dry materials (typically4-8%)  .Roastubg process,according to the oil level control fire size .Note that the oil temperature should not exceed 250 degrees.When the oil temperature rose to 120-135 degrees can be put into good press were preheated press.

Heat conduction oil roaster technical parameter :

Name Model Single feed weight (kg) Capacity (kg/h) Dimension (mm) Power (kw ) Heat conduction oil (kg ) Weight (kg)
Heat conduction oil roaster GTH-120 60 150-200 1450*1200*700 1.5 40-46 240
GTH-140 100 200-300 1650*1400*750 2.2 48-56 450
Double layers heat conduction oil roaster GTHD-120 120 300-400 1450*1200*1200 3 80-92 400
GTHD-140 200 400-600 1650*1400*1300 3 96-112