How to choose right palm oil machines for starting palm oil processing business in Africa?

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Due to the large demands and less supplying of the palm oil in Africa, the palm oil processing business become a good project there. Many customers are interested in building it, but they are not very clear that what kind of palm oil processing mills they should to build. Because there are many types of palm oil processing machine, such as crude palm oil pressing machine, crude palm kernel oil pressing machine, palm oil & palm kernel oil refinery machine, palm oil and palm kernel oil fractionation machine, and so on. Here I write some guidance of it, hope can supply some help for you.( You may interested in: How much does it cost to set up a mini palm oil mill plant in Nigeria?)

Usually, there are three kinds of customers: the first one is owner of the oil palm plantations, the second type is buying the fresh palm fruit bunches from other farms, the third is rent the oil palm plantations in local. Either way, you all can find the right palm oil processing equipment to start your palm oil business.

As the professional manufacturer of palm processing machine, we have three types machines: crude palm oil extraction machine, crude palm kernel oil extraction machine, palm oil & palm kernel oil refinery and fractionation machine. You can according to your actural situation choose suitable palm oil machines to start your palm oil business in Africa.

1) Crude palm oil extraction machine: It is used to produce crude palm oil (CPO) from fresh palm fruit bunches. The input capacity we can do from 0.5tons per hour to 120tons per hour. The smallest capacity of 0.5tons is the single palm oil pressing machine, it is suitable for the small farms less than 100 hectares palm plantations. We also have the bigger capacity from 1tph to 120 tph, it’s the complete production line. You can let us know how many palm plantations you have currently, our engineer will recommend the suitable capacity for you. ( You may interested in: 1-5tph small scale palm oil processing machine and 60-120tph large scale palm oil processing machine)

2) Crude palm kernel oil(CPKO) processing machine: It is used to extract the crude palm kernel oil from palm kernel. Some of customers have the raw materials of palm nut (with shells on it), which need to separate the shells firstly. And then be processed by palm kernel oil production line. About the CPKO machines’ capacity, we have 0.5tph to 500tpd. The different capacity has the different technology. Our engineers can supply suitable palm kernel oil processing proposals according to your actural situation.

3) Palm oil & Palm kernel oil refinery and fractionation plant: It is used to pure the crude oil by degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization process. Besides, the palm oil is different from other edible oil, it will become two layers under the normal temperature, which need the palm oil fractionation plant to separate them to ensure keep the liquid all the time. [Recommend reading: Small scale palm oil refining plant and 50-1000tpd continuous palm oil refining machine]

Maybe some customers will ask that whether the palm oil and palm kernel oil can be processed by the same machine? As a rich experiences palm oil processing machine manufacturer, we can tell you that palm oil and palm kernel oil can share one refinery and fractionation plant if you want to process both of them.

Now do you know what palm oil processing equipment you want? If you still want to start a palm oil or palm kernel oil processing business in Africa, please tell me your detail sepecification, our Company engineers can supply the professional proposal for you, which includes palm oil processing equipment list, machine price and factory layout and so on.