How to choose right palm oil machines for starting palm oil processing business in Africa?

Due to the large demands and less supplying of the palm oil in Africa, the palm oil processing business become a good project there. Many customers are interested in building it, but they are not very clear that what kind of palm oil processing mills they should to build. Because there are many types of […]

What’s the common equipment for small scale palm kernel oil mill plant?

Palm kernel oil mill plant, just as its name implies, is used for placing the palm kernel oil processing machines. Usually in small scale palm kernel oil mill plant the mostly used palm kernel oil machines are palm kernel oil expeller machine and small scale palm kernel oil processing machine. These two different palm kernel […]

How to process the mixture of fiber and nuts after palm oil pressing?

After palm oil pressing, you will get red palm oil and mixture of fiber and nuts. In the past, the pressed palm nut with fiber is generally used as a fuel for burning fire, which causes a great waste. Very few parts of palm nuts were manually broken, manual palm kernel shell separation, and pressed […]

How to separate palm fruit from palm fruit bunches in palm oil production process?

As we all know, palm oil is extracted from palm fruit bunches(FFB), but FFB cannot come into palm oil presser directly. Before pressing, there is an essential step to separate palm fruit from FFB: palm fruit threshing. Normally, two methods of palm fruit threshing will be used in Africa. The traditional threshing way in Africa […]

How to increase palm kernel oil yield in palm kernel oil production process?

Because palm kernels are very easy to get in Africa, and palm kernel oil market is very large, more and more people start to set up palm kernel oil processing business. During the process they are concerned about how to increase palm kernel oil yield to in palm kernel oil production process, so that they […]

What is the processing steps for produce palm oil in palm oil mill?

The palm oil processing steps in different areas are slightly different. A standard palm oil mill includes raw materials reception, sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, clarification, oil drying, kernel processing and so on(For example Indonesia 45tph-60tph-80tph-100tph palm oil mill). The simple palm oil pressing steps includes separating the palm fruits by manual, and then use the […]

How to refine palm kernel oil? How to purify palm kernel oil?

Now more and more clients have realized the value of palm kernel oil processing business, especially in this year, we have received many enquiries about how to make palm kernel oil, how to refine palm kernel oil, how to purify palm kernel oil. In order to solve their confusions, today I will give you a […]

What is the by-products in palm oil extraction and refining process? And how to recycle the by-products?

The ultimate goal of all those who set up palm oil mills is to make more money. In order to maximize the profit of palm oil processing business, most people not only concern palm oil quality but also concerned about what by products will be produced during the palm oil extraction and refining process and […]

What is the difference between a batch refinery, semi-continuous refinery, and continuous refinery?

We all heard chemical refining and physical refining classified by refining methods. Likewise, palm oil refinery processing line can be classified to batch type palm oil refinery, semi-continuous palm oil refinery and full-continuous palm oil refinery according to different capacity range. Not only different capacity, but also their process flow & machines used, material consumption, […]